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guidelines policies!

~ I draw from any genre - books, movies, tv series, comic books and real person. No really, this includes obscure television series, bandom, manga and even you.
~ I draw original characters.

* Detailed description before I start the commission
* I have no problem with showing the commissioner a step-by-step progress, or the thumbnail or whatever you'd like to see during the process. When e-mailing me, please indicate if you'd like to see the progress of your commission!

a description
* provide a detailed, like, super-detailed description of the characters, especially if they are your original characters.
* describe any background, expressions, mood, etc. What's the story behind the pic?
* include what type of picture: portrait, action, interactions etc.
* I can use Photoshop, watercolor, pencil, ink and color pencil, and any combination. You can specify if you have a preference.
* reference pictures/photos are optional, but are highly recommended for real person commissions

* all prices are in US funds.
* Starting rate of $50 per page of art, pencil only on Vellum Bristol weight board paper OR watercolour paper; OR
* Starting rate of $40 per piece of art, line art sketch in a digital high resolution file (.psd, .bmp, or whatever file type you request)

extra charges
* starting at $25 each per extra, which includes:
o ink
o colour
o background (will charge range from $25 - $40 for complexity)
o 3 or more characters ($25 per extra character)
o explicit nudity
o page bigger than standard 8 1/2x 11
* payments can be made by PAYPAL (glockgal at gmail.com for Paypal).